Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions

Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions


Hair extensions can be a total hit or miss. Linnet Conde is here for you if you’re wanting the most natural-looking hair extensions! Linnet Conde prides itself on helping our clients find the perfect hair extensions for everyday wear or special occasions. Below, we have compiled a list of our top tips to think about while you search for the best extensions for your hair.  



  • Choosing Quality



Hair can help enhance some of your features and improve your self-esteem. Just sprucing up your overall hair can have a dramatic effect on how you perceive yourself. If you’re looking for the most natural hair extensions that match your hairs texture (curly, thick/coarse, thin), our line of Linnet Conde hair extensions provides the most bang (no pun intended) for your buck with 100% virgin human hair that doesn’t go through traditional industrial processes. You can rest assured that the hair we use is not synthetic or artificial. We also work with our clients to help color and style and customize your selection to achieve the best results. 



  • Having an Experienced Professional 



Finding the right professional hairstylist is an important part of the hair extension process. You want to feel comfortable and confident knowing your hair is in good hands. We’d advise against applying for difficult hair extensions yourself, as they should generally be applied and removed in a safe manner by a trusted professional and hair care expert. Here at Linnet Conde, our stylists have years of experience to give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of! 



  • Compare Pricing 



It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re not being upselled or spending too much than the industry average for extensions. You also want to know what sustainable processes have been put into place before receiving your hair extensions. More product detail about the quality of your extensions is important, especially since you will need to have additional funds spent on the maintenance of your hair extensions. It’s also important to see what’s trending in the hair industry world and whether there are alternatives or other hair extension techniques you’d like to consider. 


These are just a few tips for helping you find the best hair extensions for your needs. What are your favorite hair extension brands or techniques for applying hair extensions? At Linnet Conde, we can help you compare trends and prices to help find what extensions suit you best!

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