Linnet Conde’s Masterclasses on Hair Extensions and Styling Techniques

Linnet Conde’s Masterclasses on Hair Extensions and Styling Techniques


Looking to become an expert in hair extension techniques while learning about the latest trends in the beauty industry? Our creative and fun masterclasses are intended to help people learn more about the different methods for applying natural hair extensions as well as styling, highlighting, and coloring hair.


The proper placement of hair extensions is very important in order to ensure that there is no discrepancy between applying extensions to natural hair. Sometimes it’s not just about choosing the exact same hair extension color to match your clients’ but about incorporating some of the proper blending techniques, like balayage or ombré.


Although good care of extensions is vital, it is also important to have a trained stylist who does a good job of achieving these results before putting them on a client. Through correct techniques, you will ensure that hair won’t tangle as it grows. 


Some of Linnet Conde’s past masterclasses have included tutorials on “Knot Extensions,” “Micro Links and Tape-ins,” and “How to Remove Extensions for three methods: Micro Links, Brazilian Knots, and Tape-in.” The classes led by Conde also covered the following concepts such as application and proper placement of extensions, cutting and styling methods, and maintaining hair extensions. 


If you have a desire or eagerness to learn and improve yourself in the industry, Linnet Conde’s masterclasses are the perfect opportunity to get your foot into the door. Please note that right now we are postponing any physical or in-person masterclasses, and will resume when it is safe to do so post-COVID19. 


In the meantime, you can take our masterclasses via Instagram or Facebook Live. In the future, we will be offering more masterclasses targeted to stylers on how to properly apply Micro Links, Brazilian Knots, and Tape-in hair extensions. We also sell a variety of hair extensions on our website, along with hair stands/holders, clippers to press Micro Links, and Micro Bits, along with other accessories. 

For the latest on our Linnet Conde collection, be sure to check out our product listings online. Stay tuned for more masterclasses in the future and other updates we have! You can follow us along on our Instagram as we post inspo, hair care tips, and more for you!

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