Meet Our Founder, Linnet Conde

Meet Our Founder, Linnet Conde


Hair is an art form for founder Linnet Conde. Conde was born and raised in Cuba, before moving to Miami, Florida in 2013 to follow her dreams of becoming a voice in the hair and beauty industry. 


Before starting her own beauty bar salon in Miami in 2017, Conde worked in the Hospitality and Management industry and taught a hospitality course at Ciego de Avila, Cuba. Soon after, she started to study Cosmetology at La Belle Beauty School and began working in a salon for a year before going off to work on her own. 


While growing professionally, she had one main focus: styling hair. She loved challenging herself, putting in extra hours, and learning more about the artistry behind styling hair. This meant learning new techniques for dyeing and highlighting, and teaching herself new trends that would pop up in the hair-styling world. 


Her hustle paid off because many of her close friends and colleagues started noticing her immense talent and unique approach to hair. Eventually, she began receiving so many referrals, to the point where she knew she had to launch her own hair company and brand to keep up with her incoming and growing demand. Soon, Linnet Conde, the brand, was born.


For Conde, “quality over quantity” is a mantra that she has embraced over the years and her clients saw that in her. Conde takes time to make sure her clients find the perfect, handpicked fit for their style and ensures they’re satisfied with their results. Every strand of hair from her extensions line has been expertly combed and nurtured with love by her team of professional cosmetologists and stylists. 


Today, Conde continues to gain a humble and impressive organic following, precisely because of the way she approaches the art of hair extensions. Her charismatic and approachable personality has helped boost the presence of her highly sought-out business, and the outpouring support from her community motivates her as well. 


Through her expertise in high-quality, high-end hair extensions and impressive background in cosmetology, Conde has gone on to collaborate with her colleague, Alejandro, to bring an immersive approach to masterclasses and workshops for their community. The masterclasses are intended to educate and inspire anyone interested in learning the latest in the haircare industry— everything from knot extensions and applying clip-on, to healthy hair care. 


When she’s not working, styling, or thinking about hair, Linnet Conde spends her weekend shopping, playing games of Dominos, and soaking up the sun around Miami. Drop by just to say hello to Conde whenever you’re in the area, or if you’re in need of a hair touch-up or extension care. 

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