Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair and Care for Hair Extensions

Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair and Care for Hair Extensions

Maintaining the health and vitality of both your natural hair and hair extensions should be an essential part of your hair care routine. Investing in good hair care products, such as sulfate-free and or eco-friendly shampoos, will thoroughly cleanse your hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy. The key ingredient to extending (no pun intended) your hair extensions is how well you’re able to maintain it. Here are some other products to help you further your hair care routine. 

Silk Wraps & Oils 

We suggest investing in silk hair wraps, which help to keep your hair from getting tangled or having friction between your pillows and hair. It’s a good idea to spritz mist of lightweight leave-in conditioners, oils, or serums on the ends of your hair to keep it from drying out or losing moisture. 

Detangler Brush 

Try using a detangler brush alongside your shampoo and conditioner so your hair doesn’t dry out. Follow the same procedures with hair extensions as you would with normal hair, but pay extra close attention to avoid damaging your hair extensions. Treat your hair with care, and gently comb it to avoid tangles. Don’t let your hair be left for days without properly combing it because it will be painful when you try to untangle it! 

Sulfate-Free Products 

If you want to maintain the moisture of healthy hair, try switching over to sulfate-free products. Shampoos or conditioners that are not sulfate-free tend to dry out hair faster and are not able to retain moisture. There are plenty of great options that will hydrate and moisturize your hair, especially if they’re used with leave-in conditioners, oils, and serums. 

Gentle Washes 

Treat your hair extensions with love as you would your regular hair. Like we said previously, don’t go days, or week, without a proper wash. It’s important to wash your hair extensions regularly and properly; pay attention to your scrubbing motion. Try moving in a downward motion, slowly from roots to the ends. Even hair extensions need TLC. 

We hope this guide helps you manage and maintain your locks even better than you were before. Being thorough with your washes will keep your hair looking healthy while the other products we mentioned work their magic!

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